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Ashour the Lion-Hearted عاشور قلب الاسد (dir: Hussein Fawzi) Egyptian one-sheet

Ashour the Lion-Hearted (1961) - (dir: Hussein Fawzi) Egyptian one-sheet

This film was directed by Hussein Fawzi based an idea by Rushdy Abaza, screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Kamel Hefnawy, cinematography by Klelio. Ashour was a person with a delicate constitution. He tried to overcome this by exercising at a gym, hoping to win the heart of a girl there. He heard about the invention of a strange injection that could make him strong. He tried it and became strong. He became a champion at many games and he was famous everywhere. He was also able to get the attention of his love Amal, who liked him because he was the strongest man. However while exercising he lost his strength and Amal left him. Then he found a pure girl who loved him and stood by him.

Cast and crew: Nagwa Fouad, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Hussein Fawzi, Rushdy Abaza, Abdel Salam Al-Nabulsy, Zahrat El-Ola, Taheya Cariocca, Klelio, Ahmed Kamel Hefnawy, Mohamed Abdel Aziz

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