Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Summons to Obey (1993)

Summons to Obey [anzar bil-ta'a] (1993) - (Laila Eloui) Egyptian movie poster

Amina, a pretty university student, was from a poor family in a lower-class neighborhood; while studying she had to work as a sales girl in a commercial shop. She loved her neighbor Ibrahim the attorney. They were too poor to marry so they had sexual liaisons. Amina lost her virginity. Ibrahim declared a desire to marry, but Amina's mother refused to allow this, especially since the rich boy Salah wanted to marry Amina to get the family out of the cycle of poverty in which they had lived for many years. Although Amina hated Salah and loved Ibrahim, she had to agree to marry Salah to please her powerful mother, who also dominated the father. Ibrahim had to reconcile himself to his beloved Amina's acceptance of the idea of marrying another, just as he also had to accept the imprisonment of his two friends of Ashraf and Tareq. He decided to leave Egypt with his friend Aziz. However he dissevered he could not do this because his love for Amina was too deep, as was the intensity of his attachment to his country. He started legal action to demand obedience from Amina even though he was not officially married to her. Ibrahim tried to prove the depth of his sexual relationship with Amina to emphasize his right to marry her, even though he created a scandal in front of the family and the people of the neighborhood. The case failed, but Amina confessed to her father the truth about her relationship with Ibrahim so he would agree to her marriage with him; this prevented a scandal and brought the lovers back together.

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Cast and crew: Laila Eloui, Mahmoud Hemida, Atef E-Taieb, Mamdouh Wafi, Achraf Abdel Baqi, Lamia El Amir

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