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The White Rose الوردة البيضاء (Mohamed Abdel Wahab) - (1934) Egyptian rerelease poster

The White Rose (1934) - (Mohamed Abdel Wahab) Egyptian one-sheet

Plot Summary: This is a 27" x 39" undated rerelease poster designed by Gasour for the 1934 Mohamed Karim film The White Rose based on a story by Suleiman Naguib and starring Mohamed Abdel Wahab as Galal. Plot summary: A firm relationship developed between Raga [Samira Khouloussi] the daughter of Ismail Bey [Suleiman Naguib] and Galal [Mohamed Abdel Wahab] who was working for her father. When Ismail Bey learned of this relationship he fired Galal. Raga sought help from the wife of her father. Galal worked as a singer while Fatma, [Dawlad Abiad] the wife of Ismail Bey pressured and tricked Raga to try to get her to marry her brother Shafiq. Shafiq [Zaki Rostom] was playing tricks to separate the two lovers at the time of the confrontation between Ismail Bey and Galal, and Ismail Bey was demanding that Galal get away from his daughter and her interests. Shafiq offered to marry Raga but she told her father about her love for Galal. He refused to allow this because of the social difference and the fact that Galal was a singer. Shafiq played more tricks so he could marry Raga. Galal preferred to live in disgrace as a bachelor. He did not express to his beloved his faithfulness to their love.

This film by director Mohammad Karim is on critic Ahmad al-Hadari's 2007 list of the 100 most important Egyptian film.

Cast and crew: Mohammed Karim, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Dawlad Abiad, Samira Khouloussi, Suleiman Naguib, Achille Primavera, Zaki Rostom, Mohammed Tawfik, Edmond Tuema, Mohamed Abdel Aziz

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