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All's Well فرجت (Naima Akef) - (1950) Egyptian one-sheet

All's Well (1950) - (Naima Akef) Egyptian one-sheet

In this film Naima Akef plays the part of a dancer named Amal who with her father, an obscure musician, finds a sachel filled with money. The two of them encounter many comic obstacles returning their find to its owner. They lived in a neighborhood of drums and horns whose neighbors got no respite from the music lovers with their noise, love affairs and rivalries over positions in a dance troupe.

The father knew that Amal knew a woman named Elham who was the owner of the satchel; they were to go together to return the satchel to Elham, hoping she would help them confront Boss Balabel to discuss a problem. However Elham had suddenly left the country for London. There was a relationship between the first actor in the Balabel troupe and Elham's husband. She threatened to expose this relationship and demanded a huge amount of money to keep the secret. After that Amal became the first actress in Balabel's troupe. A love relationship developed between Balabel and Hosny, the son of the chief of the troupe, who thought Balabel was under his father; she tried to go back to his family but Amal demonstrated that she was already there. The film was directed by Hussein Fawzi, cinematography by Very Varkash. This is one of the best posters for the late Naima Akef (7 October 1929 - 23 April 1966), considered by many to have been Egypt's best dancer.

Cast and Crew: Hussein Fawzi, Naima Akef, Abbas Fares, Hassan Fayek, Fouad Shafik, Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy, Mohsen Sarhan, Abu Seoud El-Ibiary, Very Varkash, Zomorda, Mohammed Al-Bakkar, Mokhtar Hussein, Samia Rushdy, Wedad Hamdy, Abdel Nabi Mohammed, Abdel Moniem Ismail

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