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Amal (1952) Shadia oversize Egyptian poster

Amal (1952) - (Shadia) Egyptian oversize film poster

This film was directed by Youssef Maalouf, story and screenplay by Henry Barakat, cinematography Mostafa Hassan. The poster was designed by Farag and measures 47" x 36".

The plot as summarized in the studio film program: "Hussein belonged to an old family in Alexandria and went to Cairo now and then. He knew the dancer Soheir, loved her and married her without telling his family, in order not to anger them. He chose a house for her in Cairo and made a habit of visiting her there from day to day. After months passed Soheir gave birth to a child named 'Widad.' When Hussein learned about this he went quickly from Alexandria to witness the birth, which was difficult in a way. After he was assured of the health of mother and child he arranged to return to Alexandria and to explain the matter to his family. He believed it would be easy to persuade his father to accept Soheir into the family, since he was his only son and because his father would be sympathetic to the little granddaughter. However fate was unkind to the wife and her daughter. Hussein's automobile turned over in a horrific accident. As a result he was taken to the hospital and there his uncle came to see him, since the father was bedridden. Hussein told his uncle about the secret marriage and then died. The uncle, named Amr, saw what was coming, because with the death of Hussein he would be the sole heir to his brother's enormous fortune were it not for the unexpected marriage. He therefore decided to make plans to make himself the sole heir of the enormous wealth; he was was encouraged by his wife Doria to carry out this evil plan, and the child Amal became an orphan. He turned her over to the costodian of the estate. The years went by and Amal became a lively, vigorous girl, but she lived like a stranger in her own house, an abject person in her own land. Was she destined to know her origins? Was she destined to win her beloved? You will find out in the film."

Cast and crew: Youssef Maalouf, Shadia, Mohsen Sarhan, Farid Shawqi, Zouzou Nabil, Mimi Shakeeb, Choukoukou, Souraya Fakhry, Salah Mansour, Mostafa Hassan, Afaf Shaker, Henry Barakat

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