Sunday, December 16, 2012

Alexandria-New York (2004)

Alexandria-New York (1004) - (dir: Youssef Chahine) Egyptian film poster

This film, which among other things represents Chahine's mixed feelings about the United States, won 6 awards at the Egyptian Film Society Festival, including Best Director, Best Makeup, Best Poster, Best Coming Actor (Ahmed Yehia), Best Actress (Yousra El Lozy), and Best Actor (Mahmoud Hemeda). It was also voted best film of the year 2004 in a readers poll conducted by the newspaper Al-Ahram.

Plot Summary from IMDB: "Egyptian film director Yehia encounters his first love Ginger as he was being celebrated in New York. Back then they were 19 years old. The American Dream was the thing of the 20th century. Yehia, the boy from Alexandria, and Ginger, the American gal, were students at Pasadena Playhouse.40 years later, they are back together but the world has changed and the American Dream is no longer what it used to be. Yehia finds out that he had begotten an American child, a boy. Through a boisterous epic in which heroes love, sing, dance, laugh and cry, Youssef Chahine reconsiders his past and his ambiguous relationship to America which he loved so much. Written by"

Cast and Crew: Youssef Chahine, Mahmoud Hemida, Ahmed Yehia, Youssra, Yousra El Lozy, Lebleba, Hala Sedki, Magda El-Khatib, Nelly Karim,Mohamed Hasabo, Sanaa Younes, Soad Nasr, Yousra Selim, Mahmoud Saad, Mahmoud El Lozy, Hamdy El Sakhawy

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