Saturday, December 15, 2012

Al-Kitkat (1991)

Al-Kitkat (1991) - (Mahmoud Abdel Aziz) Egyptian film poster (designed by Nagy Shaker)

This film is based on the novel al-Malek al-Hazin [The Sad King] by Aslan. Plot summary: In the al-Kitkat neighborhood the blind Sheikh Hosni (Mahmoud Abdel Aziz) seemed to be the overseer of the affairs of the people and the pulse of their real concerns even though he had lost his sight, his wife and his job. He lived with his aged mother (Amina Rizk) and his good-for-nothing son (Sherif Mounir) without abandoning hope, smiles or laughter. At night it was his hobby to sing at drug-smoking gatherings to forget the gloomy reality since the sale of his home. Hosni's son Youssef did not find a job after his graduation from the university and he also failed to find work abroad. His interest in his neighbor the divorcee Fatima (Aida Reyad) was due to the affliction with Hosni's incapacity. When someone in the neighborhood died Sheikh Hosni was summoned for the mourning. When the microphone was left on after readings from the Koran Sheikh Hosni found out about some of the scandals among the people of al-Kitkat, such as the cuckolding by the teacher Haram (Nagah El-Mogui) of his sick friend with his pretty wife, Rawayeh (Jihan Nasr) leaving her husband the insensitive jeweler and even the special relationship with Rawayeh's mother and his son's relationship with Fatima!

Cast and crew: Daoud Abdel Sayed, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Sherif Mounir, Aida Reyad, Nagah El-Mogui, Amina Rizk, Ali Hassanein, Galeela Mahmood, Jihan Nasr, Raqueh Daoud, Ahmed Kamal, Amal Ibrahim, Mohamed Gebril, Galila Mahmoud, Maged Habashi, Othman Abdul Menem

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