Friday, October 10, 2014

God of War [zhan shen] (1976) - (Ming Lun Ku) Hong Kong film poster

God of War [zhan shen] (1976) - (Ming Lun Ku) Hong Kong film poster

This is a 19.5" x 27.5" Hong Kong poster designed to promote the 1976 Hung Min Chen film God of War with special effects by Takano Koichi based on screenplay by Lam Ching-gall and starring Ming Lun Ku as the carver. Plot summary: An elderly craftsman named Chao is carving a statue of the legendary third-century Chinese general Guan Yu in honor of his recently deceased wife. As he is working on his project unexplained atmospheric phenomena start occurring such as boiling rain and mysterious lights in the sky. It soon becomes apparent that giant bug-eyed space aliens are plotting to take over Earth and human technology and military power are no match for them. However Guan Yu, who is now a deity, is touched by Chao's skilled work and decides to intervene as a reincarnated giant to save the world.

Cast and crew: Hung Min Chen, Takano Koichi, Lam-ching Gall, Ching-chieh Lin, Ming Lun Ku, Hsin Tang, Ling-Ling Hsieh, Yu Hsin Chen, Han Chang, Tien-cheng Cheng, Yin-yi Chen, Lung Chien, Ko-wen Chou, Chin-Lung Chu, Yun-ching Hsu, Chang Sheng Ko, Fei Lung, Huai-chin Meng, Hai-sheng Pao

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