Friday, October 3, 2014

Moonrunners (1974) - (James Mitchum) US 40x60

Moonrunners (1983) - (James Mitchum) US 40x60

This is a 40x60 poster for the 1974 Gy Waldron film Moonrunners starring James Mitchum. The film tells a story about two cousins Grady [James Mitchum] and Bobby Lee [Kiel Martin] who are running moonshine for their uncle Jesse [Arthur Hunnicut]. Jesse is under pressure from Jake [George Ellis], a New York mobster who wants to bring big business practices to the rural moonshine trade. This film was the inspiration for the TV series Dukes of Hazard.

Cast and crew: Gy Waldron, James Mitchum, Kiel Martin, Arthur Hunnicutt, Chris Forbes, George Ellis, Pete Munro, Joan Blackman, Waylon Jennings, Ralph Mooney, Don Brooks, Fred Newell, Larry Whitemore, Duke Goff, Richie Albright, Elaine McFarlane

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