Monday, October 6, 2014

Xanadu (1980) - (Olivia Newton-John) US one-sheet

Xanadu (1980) - (Olivia Newton-John) US one-sheet poster

This is a US one-sheet poster made to promote the 1980 Robert Greenwald film Xanadu based on a story by Richard Christian Danus and Marc Reid Rubel and starring Olivia Newton-John. Plot summary: Sonny Malone [Michael Beck] builds a disco roller rink with the help of an incarnated Greek muse named Kira [Olivia Newton-John]. Sonny gets help with his project from Danny McGuire [Gene Kelly], who had been inspired by Kira 40 years earlier.

Cast and crew: Robert Greenwald, Richard Christian Danus, Mark Reid Rubel, Gene Kely, Michael Beck, James Sloyan, Dimitra Arliss, Katie Hanley, Fred McCarren, Renn Woods, Sandahl Bergman, Lynn Latham, Melinda Phelps, Cherise Bates, Juliette Marshall, Marilyn Tokuda, Yvette Van Voorhees

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