Sunday, October 5, 2014

Amazons of Rome (1961) - (Louis Jourdan) Belgian Poster

Amazons of Rome (1961) - (Louis Jourdan) Belgian film poster

This is a 14" x 21.25" Belgian poster designed to promote the 1961 Carlo Ludvico Bragagia and Vittorio Cottafavi film Amazons of Rome [Le vergini di Roma] based on story and screenplay by Luigi Emmanuele starring Louis Jourdan. Plot summary: A city under seige is being defended by an army of women warriors.

Cast and crew: Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, Vittorio Cottafavi, Luigi Emmanuele, Louis Jourdan, Sylvia Syms, Jean Chevrier, Nicole Courcel, Ettore Manni, Paola Faichi, Renaud Mary, Michel Piccoli, Corrado Pani, Nicolas Vogel, Maria Luisa Rolando, Carlo giustini, Jacques Dufiho, Andrej Gardenin

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