Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Land that Time Forgot (1975) - (Doug McClure) US 40x60

The Land that Time Forgot (1975) - (Doug McClure) US 40x60 film poster

Pictured is a US 40x60 poster for the 1975 Kevin Connor film The Land that Time Forgot based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs with screenplay by James Cawthorn starring Doug McClure. Plot summary: After World War I a German U-Boat, carrying the survivors from a British ship it has sunk, makes an accidental call at the land of Caprona, which is still inhabited by dinosaurs and neanderthals.

Cast and crew: Kevin Connor, Edgar Rice Burroughs, James Cawthorn, Doug McClure, John McEnery, Susan Penhaligon, Keith Barron, Anthony Ainley, Godfrey James, Bobby Parr, Declan Mulholland, Colin Farrell, Ben Howard, Roy Holder, Andrew McCulloch, Ron Pember, Grahame Mallard, Andrew Lodge

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