Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Deathsport (1978) - (David Carradine) busta and one-sheet posters

Deathsport (1978) - (John Carradine) Italian fotobusta

Deathsport (1978) - (David Carradine) US Advance one-sheet

Pictured above are a US 27" x 41" advance one-sheet and an Italian 18" x 26.5" fotobusta for the 1978 Roger Corman film Deathsport based on a story by Frances Doel, screenplay by Nicholas Niciphor and starring David Carradine as Kaz Oshay. Both posters are by unknown designers. Plot summary: This film was the sequel to the 1975 Death Race 2000, but it did not do as well at the box office. In a scenario set in the distant future, a city state called Helix is planning war against Tritan, another city state. They intend to use a new weapon they call Death Machines, or laser-equipped dirt bikes. Deathsport is the new version of the death penalty in Helix. This game has replaced such events as the Olympics and the Superbowl; in it convicted criminals fight to the death for their freedom. Lord Zirpola of Helix [David McClean] captures the notorious desert ranger Kaz Oshay for a fight to the death in one of the Deathsport matches.

Cast and crew: Roger Corman, Frances Doel, Donald Stewart, Allan Arkush, Nicholas Niciphor, Frances Doel, David Carradine, Valerie Rae Clark, H. B. Haggerty, Claudia Jennings, Richard Lynch, William Smithers, Will Walker, David McClean, Jesse Vint, John Himes, Jim Galante, Pete Cooper, Brenda Venus, Gene Hartline, Chris Howell, Valerie Rae Clark

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