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The Devil's Partner (1961) - (Edwin Nelson) US one-sheet

The Devil's Partner (1961) - (Edwin Nelson) US one-sheet

This s 27" x 41" US one-sheet poster for the 1961 Charles R. Rondeau film The Devil's Partner based on a story by Stanley Clements and Laura Jean Mathews and starring Ed Nelson as both Nick Richards and Pete Jensen. This film was made in 1958 but was not released until 1961 when it came out as a double feature with Creature from the Haunted Sea, released by the Roger and Gene Corman Filmgroup. Plot summary: In the town of Furnace Flats, an old man named Pete Jensen dies soon after performing an act of sorcery in his cabin. Immediately thereafter Nick Richards comes to town on a bus, claiming Pete, who had not been liked by the people of Furnace Flats, was his uncle. The sheriff [Spencer Carlisle] tells him about Pete's death. Nick decides to move into his uncle's cabin and remain in Furnace Flats, where he himself starts doing sorcery, appearing in the guise of local livestock and wildlife to do malicious acts of vengeance against some of his late uncle's former neighbors. In one scene, a man buys 6.5 gallons of gasoline for $2.30!

Cast and crew: Stanley Clements, Laura Jean Mathews, Jean Allison, Edwin Nelson, Hugh M. Hooker, Charles R. Rondeau, Hugh Hooker, Richard Dixon, Daniel Haller, Howard Epstein, Edward Cronjager, Ronald Stein, Robert Eaton, Richard Crane, Spencer Carlisle, Byron Foulger, Claire Carleton, Brian O'Hara, Harry Fleer, Joe Hooker

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