Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Prison Camp Girls (1983) - (Udo Kier) Egyptian and Italian Posters

Prison Camp Girls (1983) - (Udo Kier) Egyptian one-sheet

Prison Camp Girls (1983) - (Udo Kier) Italian one-sheet

Pictured above are a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster and a 26.5" x 38.5" Italian poster for the 1983 Kurt Raab film Prison Camp Girls AKA Escape from Blood Plantation, Island of the Bloody Plantation and Jailed for Love with the original German title Die Insel der blutigen Plantage. The Egyptian poster is a 1987 rerelease using art by Mohammad Abdel Ghani, printed by Al-Qods Printers in Cairo's Bulaq District and distributed by the Arabic Films Company on Abdel Khaleq Tharwat Street. Both posters are based on the same design but the Egyptian poster adds a painted image of a still and the inset in the Italian poster is a picture of Udo Kier. The film is based on a story by director Kurt Raab and stars Udo Kier as Hermano. Plot summary: At a women's prison camp in the South Pacific the inmates are systematically raped, tortured and abused, but a guard falls in love with one of them and allies himself with the cause of the prisoners.

Cast and crew: Udo Kier, Barbara Valentin, Tet Antiquiera, Karlo-Otto Alberty, Karen Lopez, Karl-Otto Alberty, Kurt Raab, Hans Zander, Karina Fallenstein, Mike Monty, Rosemarie Sarita, Peter Kern, Fouad Mediouni-Zaoudi, Ronald Buenaventura

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