Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Deep Blue Sea (Kenneth More) - (1955) Argentine one-sheet

Deep Blue Sea (1955) - (Vivien Leigh) Argentine one-sheet

This is a 29" x 43" Argentine one-sheet for the 1955 Anatole Litvak film The Deep Blue Sea based on play and screenplay by Terence Rattigan and starring Vivien Leigh as Hester Collyer and Kenneth More as Freddie Page. The design of this Argentine poster is derived directly from that of the US one-sheet, shown in the Wikipedia article about this film. Plot summary: Hester Collyer, who is not happy in her lackluster marriage, succumbs to the amorous advances of a dashing test pilot named Freddie Page. The two of them have an opportunity to spend time together when Hester's husband Judge William Collyer [Emlyn Williams] goes away for a month. Page is soon deeply conflicted because of the problems with his relationship with another man's wife. Off the screen, Kenneth More was also reportedly unhappy with the casting of Leigh because he felt she was wrong for the role. Despite these problems, for his work in this film More won the Venice Film Festival's Volpi Cup for best actor.

Cast and crew: Vivien Leigh, Kenneth More, Eric Portman, Emlyn Williams, Anatole Litvak, Moira Lister, Arthur Hill, Dandy Nichols, Jimmy Hanley, Miriam Karlin, Heather Thatcher, Bill Shine, Brian Oulton, Sidney James, Alec McCowen, Gibb McLaughlin

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