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Death Hunt (1981) - (Charles Bronson) US one-sheet

Death Hunt (1981) - (Charles Bronson) US one-sheet

This is a US 27" x 40" one-sheet poster for the 1981 Peter R. Hunt film Death Hunt based on a fictionalized account by Michael Grais and Mark Victor and starring Charles Bronson as Albert Johnson and Lee Marvin as Sergeant Edgar Millen. Plot summary: The film tells with significant deviance from the facts the true story of Albert Johnson, who was known as the Mad Trapper of Rat River. In 1931, Albert Johnson is a reclusive trapper in the Yukon Territory who witnesses an organized dogfight during one of his trips to town. When one of the dogs, a white German Shepherd named Sitka, is severely injured, Johnson takes the dog by force and pays its owner Hazel [Ed Lauter] $200. Hazel claims his dog has been stolen and leads some friends to Johnson's isolated cabin. A shootout ensues in which Sitka and one of Hazel's men named Jimmy Tom [Denis Lacroix] are killed. Johnson is accused of murder and Sergeant Millen goes after him with a posse.

Cast and crew: Charles Bronson, Peter R. Hunt, Lee Marvin, Andrew Stevens, Carl Weathers, Ed Lauter, Scott Hylands, Angie Dickinson, Henry Beckman, William Sanderson, Jon Cedar, James O'Connell, Len Lesser, Richard Davalos, Maury Chaykin, August Schellenberg

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