Monday, March 16, 2015

Conrack (1974) - (Jon Voight) US one-sheet

Conrack (1974) - (Jon Voight) US one-sheet

This is a US 27" x 41" one-sheet poster for the 1974 Martin Ritt film Conrack starring Jom Voight based on the book The Water is Wide by Pat Conroy, screenplay by Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank Jr. and starring Jon Voight as Conrack. Plot summary: In March 1969 Pat Conroy (Conrack) starts teaching at an isolated school on Daufuskie Island in a South Carolina river delta accessible only by boat, in an area inhabitied exclusively by blacks. He soon learns that the children at his school have not been served well by the school system and lack basic skills such as competence with the alphabet and simple arithmetic, as well as other elementary matters such as personal hygiene. Conrack decides to redress these oversights but in so doing he upsets the local social applecart and loses his job.

Cast and crew: Jon Voight, Martin Ritt, Hume Cronyn, Paul Winfield, Pat Conroy, Irving Ravetch, Harriet Frank Jr., Madge Sinclair, Tina Andrews, Antonio Fargas, Ruth Attaway, James O'Rear, Gracia Lee, C.P. MacDonald, Jane Moreland, Thomas Horton, Nancy Butler, Robert W. Page, Mac Arthur Nelson

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