Saturday, April 9, 2016

The War of the Planets (1966) - (Tony Russel) US three-sheet

The War of the Planets (1966) - (Tony Russel) US three-sheet

This is a 41" x 81" US three-sheet poster for the 1966 Antonio Margheriti film The War of the Planets AKA Gamma I Quadrilogy Vol. 2 based on story and screenplay by Renato Moretti and Ivan Reiner and starring Tony Russel as Commander Mike Halstead. Plot summary: In the 21st Century alien Diaphanoids invade the solar system. They steal Earth's space stations and then brainwash or kill the crews. Commander Mike Halstead must find a way to stop them before they reach Planet Earth.

Cast and crew: Antonio Margheriti, Renato Moretti, Ivan Reiner, Tony Russel, Lisa Gastoni, Franco Nero, Carlo Giustini, Enzo Fiermonte, Linda Sini, Nando Angelini, John Bartha, Marco Bogliani, Calisto Calisti, Aldo Canti, Lynn Desmond, Corinne Fontaine, Iver Gilborn, Franco Lantieri

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