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The Voyage (1974) - (Sophia Loren) US one-sheet


The Voyage (1974) - (Sophia Loren) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" US one-sheet poster for the 1974 Vittorio De Sica film The Voyage AKA Il Viaggio based on a novel by Luigi Pirandello, screenplay by Diego Fabbri, Massimo Franciosa and Luisa Montagnana and starring Sophia Loren as Adriana De Mauro. Plot summary: In Sicily several years before World War I Adriana de Mauro and Cesar Braggi [Richard Burton] are in love, but Cesar's brother Antonio [Ian Bannen] also wants to marry Adriana. Cesar steps aside and allows this to comply with his father's dying wish, to Adriana's great disappointment. After initial reluctance she agrees because of the social advantages to their families. Five years later, after having had a son with Adriana, Antonio dies in an automobile accident. Cesar reenters Adriana's life, but Adriana is then diagnosed with a terminal illness. Cesar still proposes to her, but Adriana's mother Signora De Mauro [Barbara Pilavin] bitterly objects.

Cast and crew: Diego Fabbi, Massimo Franciosa, Luisa Montagnana, Luigi Pirandello, Vittorio De Sica, Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Ian Bannen, Barbara Pilavin, Renato Pinciroli, Daniele Vargas, Sergio Bruni, Ettore Geri, Olga Romanelli, Isabelle Marchall, Riccardo Mangano, Annabella Incontrera, Antonio Anelli, Luca Bonicalzi, Francesco Lauriano

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