Thursday, April 28, 2016

Young Jesse James (1960) - (Ray Stricklyn) Argentine one-sheet

Young Jesse James (1960) - (Ray Stricklyn) Argentine one-sheet poster

This is a 29" x 43" Argentine poster designed by an unknown artist for the 1960 William F. Claxton film Young Jesse James based on a screenplay by Orville H. Hampton and Jerry Sackheim and starring Ray Stricklyn as Jesse James. Plot summary: After their father is unjustly hanged by Union soldiers and their mother has her arm amputated because of injuries caused by the Union's bombing of their home, Frank [Robert Dix] and Jesse James join Major Charlie Quantrill's [Emile Meyer] Raiders and Cole Younger [Willard Parker] to fight for the Confederacy. The historical accuracy is questionable.

Cast and crew: Jesse James, Ray Stricklyn, Willard Parker, Merry Anders, Robert Dix, Emile Meyer, William Claxton, Orville H. Hampton, Jacklyn O'Donnell, Rayford Barnes, Rex Holman, Boyd Holister, Sheila Bromley, John O'Neill, Leslie Bradley, Norman Leavitt, Lee Kendall, Tyler McVey

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