Tuesday, April 12, 2016

White Comanche (R1979) - (William Shatner) Spanish one-sheet


White Comanche (R1979) - (William Shatner) Spanish one-sheet

This is s 27" x 39" Spanish country-of-origin one-sheet poster designed by Jano for a 1979 rerelease of the 1968 Jose Briz Mendez film White Comanche written by Robert I. Holt and Frank Gruber and starring Joseph Cotten as Sheriff Logan. Plot summary: In the unsettled American West, the 19th Century town of Rio Hondo is on the verge of an eruption between two warring factions with only Sheriff Logan to keep the peace. Drifter and ace gunfighter Johnny Moon [William Shatner] and his outlaw twin brother Notah [William Shatner] have agreed to meet there for a shootout.

2015 Review by Stacia

Cast and crew: Jose Briz Mendez, Jano, William Shatner, Joseph Cotten, Perla Cristal, Rossana Yanni, Mariano Vidal Molina, Luis Prendes, Barta Barri, Vicente Roca, Luis Rivera, Javier Maiza, Victor Israel, Fernando Lewis, Hector quiroga, Gene Reyes, Gian Castelli

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