Sunday, April 10, 2016

Watch the Birdie (1950) - (Red Skelton) US #7 Lobby Card

Watch the Birdie (1950) - (Red Skelton) US lobby card

This is an 11" x 14" US #7 lobby card for the 1950 Jack Donohue film Watch the Birdie based on a story by Marshall Nielan Jr., screenplay by Ivan Tors, Devery Freeman and Harry Ruskin and starring Red Skelton as Rusty Cammeron. Plot summary: Rusty Cammeron is heavily in debt so he tries to make some money as an amateur photographer, but then he loses a borrowed camera, which is worth as much as he already owes. He soon finds himself the target of some blackmailers, but he is unexpectedly able to use some of his photos to get out of trouble.

Cast and crew: Jack Donohue, Red Skelton Marshall Neilan Jr., Ivan Tors, Devery Freeman, Harry Ruskin, Red Skelton, Arlene Dahl, Ann Miller, Leon Ames, Pamela Britton, Richard Rober

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