Friday, April 22, 2016

Women in the Night (1948) - (Tala Birell) Belgian poster

Women in the Night (1948) - (Tala Birell) Belgian poster

This is a 14" x 22" Belgian poster designed by Wik to promote the 1948 William Rowland American film Women of the Night AKA Femmes dans la Nuit AKA When Men Are Beasts based on a story by William Rowland, adaptation by Maude Emily Glass, screenplay by Ali Ipar, Robert St. Claire and Edwin V. Westrate and starring Tala Birell as Yvette Aubert. The film was shot in Mexico. Its focus is on crimes against women during World War II. Plot summary: In Shanghai after the war in Europe has ended and before the Japanese surrender, some Nazi officers at the German Officers Club assemble a group of young Chinese women to divert the attention of Japanese officers and scientists from the presence there of a massive secret cosmic death ray, intended for use after the war ends to destroy all the allied nations.

Cast and crew: Tala Birell, William Rowland, Maude Emily Glass, Ali Ipar, Robert St. Claire, Edwin V. Westrate, William Henry, Richard Loo, Virginia Christine, Bernadene Hayes, Gordon Richards, Frances Chung, Jean Brooks, Kathy Frye, Helen Mowery, Benson Fong, Helen Brown, Frederick Giermann, Philip Ahn, Arno Frey

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