Friday, December 15, 2017

Spell افسون Esmaeel Mehrabi 1989 Iranian film poster

Spell (1989) - (Esmaeel Mehrabi) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 27.5" x 38.5" Iranian poster designed by Shiva for the 1989 film Spell written and directed by Mohammad Reza Safavi and starring Esmaeel Mehrabi as Esmail Meshkin. Plot summary: Esmail Meshkin, who works at an insurance company theft inspectorate, is having spiritual and psychological problems in his private life. He gets the job of investigating a theft at a big jewelry store. The store owner offers Meshkin a bribe, but he prefers to do his job.

Cast and crew: Mohammad Reza Safavi, Esmaeel Mehrabi, Mahshid Afsharzadeh, Esmail Soltanian, Esmail Davarfar, Gholamhossein Naghshineh, Mansoor Mohammadzadeh, Soroor Rajai, Abolghassem Saffar, Paridokht Eghbalpoor, Abbas Nozari, Reza Banafshekhah

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