Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Assignment ماموریت Akbar Abdi 1987 Iranian one-sheet

The Assignment (1987) - (Akbar Abdi) Style A Iranian one-sheet

This is an 27" x 39" Iranian poster for the 1987 Hossein Zandbaf film The Assignment written by Saeed Ebrahimfar and Hossein Iri and starring Akbar Abdi. Plot summary: Mr. Saadat's [Morteza Ahmadi] daughter Manizheh [Soroor Najatollahi] has agreed to marry Engineer Mehran [Ali Shoa'i]. Mr. Saadat, a mistrustful man, has Mr. Taqi [Akbar Abdi] keep an eye on Mehran. Mr. Taqi claims Mehran is a member of a gang of heroin smugglers. It soon becomes clear the smuggler in question [Babak Shoa'i] is someone else who resembles Mehran and lives in the building where Saadat lives; Mehran and Mr. Saadat's daughter are free to marry.

Cast and crew: Hossein Zandbaf, Saeed Ebrahimifar, Hossein Iri, Akbar Abdi, Ali Shoa'i, Morteza Ahmadi, Mahin Shahabi, Tayyeb Serafati, Morteza Zarrabi, Soroosh Khalili, Malihe Nikjumand, Soroor Najatollahi, Hossein Shahab


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