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Janjal-e Bozorg جنجال بزرگ Akbar Abdi 1985 Iranian poster

Janjal-e Bozorg (1985) - (Akbar Abdi) Iranian poster

This is a 13" x 19" Iranian poster for the 1985 Siavash Shakeri film Janjal-e Bozorg written by Hassan Hedayat and Jamal Omid and starring Akbar Abdi. Plot summary: An old man has two problems. The first is to convince his prospective son-in-law to make a home for himself as soon as possible and remove the bride-to-be from his house, lest he banned from the old man's home. The second is the preservation of his savings, which he keeps as cash in the lining of his coat instead of in a bank. One day a thief [Akbar Abdi] comes into their apartment complex to take advantage of the old man's lack of awareness to give the slip to agents who are pursuing him. The thief grabs the coat and flees. From then on the old man, the son-in-law, the girl, the agents and the thief are all trying to get their hands on this valuable coat.

Cast and crew: Siavash Shakeri, Akbar Abdi, Hassan Hedayat, Jamal Omid, Reza Karam Rezai, Ali Sabet, Shahab Askari, Soraya Hekmat, Saeed Amir Soleymani, Kan'an Kiani, Saadi Afshar, Mehdi Sanai, Hassan Shemshad, Akbar Doodkar

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