Thursday, December 21, 2017

Flight on the 5th of June پرواز پنجم ژوئن Majid Jafari 1989 Iranian film poster

Flight on the 5th of June (1989) - (Majid Jafari) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" by 38" Iranian poster designed by Khosrow Jerdi for the 1989 film Flight on the 5th of June written and directed by Ali Reza Samee Azar and starring Majid Jafari. Plot summary: On 5 June four hijackers, three men and a woman, hijack an Iranian passenger aircraft. Their commander is a person named Fariborz Atabaki [Nasser Aghayi]. Two of the passengers, one of whom later turns out to be an officer, disarm the hijackers; to the astonishment of the passengers they guide the aircraft to the same European destination the hijackers had intended. The original planners of the hijack hold a press conference at the destination. They say all the passengers are seeking asylum and ask the officer to tell the journalists his views. He says his reason for bringing the aircraft here is to show the world the passengers have no interest in political or social asylum; they all want to return to Iran!

Cast and crew: Ali Reza Samee Azar, MajidJafari, Nasser Aghayi, Ebrahim Abadi, Fereydoon Aboo Zia, Hosein Amirfazli, Behrooz Baghayi, Farshid Zareie Fard, Asghar Faridi Masoole, Arzhang Farrokh-peikar, Abbas Ghajar, Hayedi Haeri, Manouchehr Hamedi, Houshang Hessami, Tania Johari, Reza Mokhtari

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