Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Shiler Vallley Saga حماسه دره شیلر Reza Agharabi 1987 Iranian film poster

Shiler Valley Saga (1987) - (Reza Agharabi) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 27.5" x 39.5" Iranian poster designed by Heddat for the 1987 Ahmad Hassani Moghaddam film Shiler Valley Saga AKA hemase-ye darre-ye shiler written by Majid Emami and starring Reza Agharabi. Plot summary: Rahim is expelled from the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). He steals a minibus, goes to Kordestan and is intercepted and forcibly detained by a branch of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran headed by Hessam Khan. The party is bringing arms and ammunition in from Iraq. The IRGC learns about this and sends someone with the assumed name Nasser to get more information. The Kurds identify Nasser and kill him. Hessam Khan is also killed by a villager. Rahim's real identity becomes known when he goes to Iraq to get ammunition. To prove his innocence he goes to IRGC headquarters and volunteers for a suicide mission. Clashes begin with the Kurdish Democrats and the IRGC forces win.

Cast and crew: Ahmad Hassani Moghaddam, Majid Emami, Reza Agharabi, Atash Taghipour, Majid Mirzaian, Moharram Zaynaizadeh, Alireza Eshaghi, Ali Jalili Bale, Seyed Ahmad Miralaie, Rahim Arab Amini, Sami Tahasuni, Shapoor Bakhshayi, Arsh Poor Zare'i

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