Thursday, December 21, 2017

O Iran ای ایران Akbar Abdi 1990 Iranian film poster

O Iran (1990) - (Akbar Abdi) Iranian poster

This is a 19" x 27" Iranian poster for the 1990 film O Iran written and directed by Naser Taghvai and starring Akbar Abdi as Sergeant Makvandi. Plot summary: During the revolution Sergeant Makvandi, a ridiculous representative of the shah's army, goes to the mountain village of Masuleh and aggravates the people. He declares martial law to make sure his region is not outdone by other cities. Bazaar merchants, teachers and students oppose him and torment his son. When the shah flees the country the people attack the station under his command and disrupt it. The title of the film is also the title of a famous Iranian patriotic anthem, whose development and initial performance by a boy's choir are a sub-plot.

Cast and crew: Naser Taghvai, Akbar Abdi, Hossein Sarshar, Soraya Hekmat, Gholamhossein Naghshineh, Kamran Foyoozat, Mohammadreza Jadidbakht, Hossein Darbar, Mohammad Varshochi, Amrollah Esmaili, Akbar Moazezi, Hossein Nikkhou, Mahmood Lotfi, Freydun Dadres, Hossein Hosseinzadeh, Hassan Afrasiab

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