Saturday, March 31, 2018

Love among the Elders غرام الشيوخ Fatma Rouchdi 1946 Egyptian lobby card

Love amont the Elders (1946) - (Ratma Rouchdi) Egyptian lobby card

This is an original 12" x 14.5" Egyptian lobby card for the 1946 film Love among the Elders written and directed by Mohammad Abdel Gawad, dialogue by Youssef Gohar and starring Fatma Rouchdi as Ahlam. Plot summary: Mokhtar [Mansi Fahmi] was a learned man and a thinker who did not acknowledge the authority of women. He maintained a barrier in his relations with them, but then a woman named Ahlam conquered his heart and he changed his mind. His friend and student Rauf [Yehia Chahine] also loved Ahlam, who was living with Mokhtar at the time to escape the authority of her criminal father after Mokhtar had taken her in to help her recover from an attempted suicide. Mokhtar offered to marry her to protect her from her father, without knowing Rauf's feelings about her and even though she did not love him. After they had an argument Ahlam ran away with Rauf but then went back to Mokhtar because she felt guilty. She discovered he had gone blind and become more violent and cruel than ever. He threatened to kill himself if she left him. Ahlam shot herself but survived; Mokhtar then sacrificed his love for her so she could marry Rauf.

Cast and crew: Souraya Fakhri, Fouad Shafik, Mohamed Abdel Gawad, Fahmi Mansi, Fatma Rouchdi, Yehia Chahine, Shafia Ahmed, Youssef Gohar, Victoria Habiqa, Mousen Hassanein, Mohamed Al-Dib, Mohamed Sabih, Abdelmonem Ismail

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