Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My Name Is Satuta انا ستوتة Sabah Egyptian film program

My Name is Satuta (1944) - (Sabah) Egyptian film program

Pictured is an original 6.5" x 9" 16-page Egyptian film program for the 1944 Hussein Fawzi film My Name is Satuta [ana satuta] starring Sabah (1927 - 2014) based on screenplay and story by Hussein Fawzi, dialogue by Hassan Tewfik and cinematograpy by George Saad. The program includes song lyrics, plot and key photographic art. Plot summary: Reshwan was a wealthy man living with his nephew Abbas. Abbas was waiting for his uncle to die so he could inherit his wealth, but Reshwan was hoping not to die before finding his granddaughter (who had been separated from her father) so she could inherit his considerable wealth. The granddaughter Satuta [Sabah] was an artist who worked in a traveling theater troupe; Reshwan found information about her location and went to the troupe to see her, but they introduced him to a differerent girl, also named Satuta. The troup was plannning to use the impersonator to get Reshwan's money, but then after a series of encounters Reshwan finally developed an attachment for the substitute Satuta. Only then did he realize the truth, embrace the right Satuta and give his wealth to her. However he did not abandon the other Satuta who had pretended to be his granddaughter. He kept her with him so he could take care of her.

Cast and crew: Sabah, Bechara Wakim, Zeinat Magdi, Hussein Fawzi, Ismail Yasseen, Kamal Hussein, Said Khalil, Hassan el Baroudi, Mokhtar Hussein, Hassan Tewfik

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