Friday, March 2, 2018

The Mighty Peking Man (1978) - (Evelyne Kraft) Lebanese one-sheet

The Mighty Peking Man (1978) - (Evelyne Kraft) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Lebanese poster for the 1977 Meng Hua Ho Shaw Brothers film The Mighty Peking Man written by Kuang Ni and starring Evelyne Kraft as Samantha Ah Wei. Plot summary: The Mighty Peking Man is a giant Himalayan ape who turns up in Hong Kong and makes common cause with a sexy jungle girl being exploited by a sleazy promoter.

Cast and crew: Shaw Brothers, Homer Gaugh, Meng Hua Ho, Kuang Ni, Evelyne Kraft, Danny Lee, Feng Ku, Wei Tu Lin, Norman Chui, Hang-Sheng Wu, Yao Hsiao, Ping Chen, Yi-Hsiung Chi, Chuen Chiang, Szu-Ying Chien, Chun Chin, Tien-Chu Chin, Alexander Grand, Kung-Wu Huang

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