Friday, September 25, 2015

Death Duel of the Mantis [螳螂鬥雞公] (1978) - (Hua Chung Ting) Hong Kong one-sheet

Death Duel of the Mantis (1978) - (Hua Chung Ting) Hong Kong poster

This is a 21" x 28.5" original Hong Kong hand litho poster made by the Ko Hwa film company for the 1978 Ching Chiang Kuo film Death Duel of the Mantis AKA Mantis Fights Cock AKA Strike of the Mantis Fist AKA Tang Lang dou ji gong written by Chi-shan Li and Hsiang Mei Lin and starring Hua Chong Ting as Shao Ba. Plot summary: Shao Ba is an errand boy working for gangsters in a small village, who is constantly the object of bullying and abuse. He falls hopelessly in love with Kam Yin-Fei [Ho Hwa], the daughter of noodle merchant [Ging-Shun Mau]. Unlike Shao Ba, the girl has an excellent command of the martial arts and rejects him. Shao Ba studies his boss's technique and improves his proficiency so he can win her favor. After he beats up a gang of thugs in the marketplace, Kam Yin-Fei tells Shao Ba that his boss and teacher is a crook; he is ultimately obliged to admit it.

Cast and crew: Ching Chiang Kuo, Chi-shan Li, Hsiang Mei Lin, Cheung Git, Hua Chung Ting, Ching Suen Mao, You Min Ho, Ching Cheng, Chi Shang Li, Hsiang Mei Lin, Ying-fei Chin, Chau Tsai Chung, Kuang Yung Lin, Wan-Chang Lin, Fei Lung, Chang Ma, Kuo-Liang Su, Chen-wen Tse, Ting Wo Wang, Peng-sheng Yu

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