Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Getaway (1972) - (Steve McQueen) Polish one-sheet

The Getaway (1972) - (Steve McQueen) Polish one-sheet

Pictured is a 22" x 32" Polish one-sheet designed by Elzbieta Procka for the 1972 Sam Peckinpah film The Getaway based on the Jim Thompson novel, screenplay by Walter Hill and starring Steve McQueen as Doc McCoy. Plot summary: Jack Benyon [Ben Johnson], a corrupt San Antonio businessman, arranges parole for Doc McCoy on the condition that he rob a bank with two of Jack's cohorts. During the robbery Doc shoots both of Jack's men. One of the cohorts named Rudy [Al Lettieri] survives after being shot by Doc; after his injuries are treated he pursues Doc and his wife Carol [Ali MacGraw], as does Jack's brother Cully Benson [Roy Jenson]. As their flight continues our bank robbers are pursued by more people.

Cast and crew: Sam Peckinpah, Elzbieta Procka, Walter Hill, Jim Thompson, Steve McQueen, Ali MacGraw, Ben Johnson, Sally Struthers, Al Lettieri, Slim Pickens, Richard Bright, Jack Dodson, Dub Taylor, Bo Hopkins, Roy Jenson, John Bryson, Bill Hart, Tom Runyon, Whitney Jones

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