Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pumpkinhead (1988) - (Lance Henriksen) US one-sheet

Pumpkinhead (1988) - (Lance Henriksen) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 40" US poster for the 1988 Stan Winston film Pumpkinhead based on a story by Mark Patrick Carducci, Stan Winston and Richard Weinman, screenplay by Mark Patrick and Gary Gerani and starring Lance Henriksen as Ed Harley. Plot summary: Ed Harley is the owner of a small country store. One day some teenagers on a camping trip kill his son Billy [Matthew Hurley] in a dirt bike accident while Ed is away on an errand. Ed asks a local witch named Haggis [Florence Schauffler] to help him get revenge. Using blood from both Ed and Billy, Haggis revives a disinterred corpse, which turns into a monster called Pumpkinhead; the monster sets out to murder the teenagers. Ed witnesses the murders telepathically because the monster is partly made from his own blood; he realizes this is wrong and tries to stop the monster from continuing its rampage.

Cast and crew: Lance Henriksen, Stan Winston, Ed Justin, Mark Patrick Carducci, Jeff East, John D'Aquino, Kimberly Ross, Joel Hoffman, Cynthia Bain, Kerry Remsen, Florence Schauffler, Brian Breme, George Flower, Matthew Hurley, Lee de Broux, Peggy Walton-Walker, Chance Michale Corbitt, Dick Warlock

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