Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tennessee's Partner 1955 Ronald Reagan US Window Card

Tennessee's Partner (1955) - (Ronald Reagan) US Window Card

This is a 14" x 22" US Window card for the 1955 Allan Dwan film Tennessee's Partner based on a story by Bret Harte, screenplay by Allan Dwan and starring Ronald Reagan as Cowpoke. Plot summary: The film chronicles an unlikely friendship between a bordello madam, [Rhonda Fleming] a gambler [John Payne] and a man called Cowpoke [Ronald Reagan].

Cast and crew: John Payne, Ronals Reagan, Rhonda Fleming, Colleen Gray, Allan Dwan, C. Graham Baker, D.D. Beauchamp, Anthony Caruso, Morris Ankrum, Leo Gordon, Chubby Johnson, Joe Devlin, Myron Healey, John Mansfield

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