Friday, October 6, 2017

Dog Day Afternoon 1975 Al Pacino Yugoslavian poster

Dog Day Afternoon (1975) - (Al Pacino) Yugoslavian poster

This is an 18.5" x 28" Yugoslavian poster for the 1975 Sidney Lumet film Dog Day Afternoon based on a screenplay by Frank Pierson and starring Al Pacino as Sonny. Plot summary: On a hot summer afternoon in Brooklyn Sonny and Sal [John Cazale] try to rob a bank in Brooklyn. When the robbery fails to yield enough cash Sonny negotiates with the police for transportation to the airport and a flight out of the country in return for not hurting the bank employees.

Cast and crew: Al Pacino, Penelope Allen, Sidney Lumet, Sully Boyar, John Cazale, Beulah Garrick, Carol Kane, Sandra Kazan, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Amy Levitt, John Marriott, Estelle Omens, Gary Springer, James Broderick, Charles Durning, Carmine Foresta

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