Friday, October 6, 2017

The Cotton Club 1984 Richard Gere Yugoslavian poster

The Cotton Club (1984) - (Richard Gere) Yugoslavian one-sheet

This is an 18.5" x 28" Yugoslavian poster for the 1984 Francis Coppola film The Cotton Club based on a story by William Kennedy, Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo, screenplay by William Kennedy and Francis Ford Coppola and starring Richard Gere as Dixie Dwyer. Plot summary: The film tells the story of the people who ran and performed at Harlem's famous Cotton Club. It also features the jazz music that was the club's signature attraction.

Cast and crew: William Kennedy, Mario Puzo, Jim Haskins, Richard Gere, Bob Hoskins, Diana Lane, Gregory Hines, Francis Coppola, John Barry, Diane Lane, Lonette McKee, James Remarr, Nicolas Cage, Allen Garfield, Fred Gwynne, Gwen Verdon, Lisa Jane Persky, Maurice Hines, Julian Beck, Novella Nelson, Laurence Fishbourne

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