Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Chump at Oxford Laurel and Hardy 1940 Yugoslavian poster

A Chump at Oxford (1940) - (Laurel and Hardy) Yugoslavian rerelease poster

This is an 18.5" x 26" Yugoslavian poster for an undated rerelease of the 1940 Alfred J. Goulding film A Chump at Oxford based on story and screenplay by Charley Rogers, Felix Adler and Harry Langdon and starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as themselves. Plot summary: Stan and Ollie accididentally capture a bank robber. The bank president is so grateful he pays their expenses for an education at Oxford University.

Cast and crew: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Alfred J. Goulding, Forrester Harvey, Wilfred Lucas, Forbes Murray, Frank Baker, Eddie Borden, Gerald Rogers, Victor Kendall, Gerald Fielding, Peter Cushing

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