Friday, May 25, 2018

City of Mice 2 شهر موش ها ۲ Nima Fallah 2014 Iranian one-sheet

City of Mice 2 (2014) - (Nima Fallah) Iranian film poster

This is a 27" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Ehsan Nosrati for the 2014 Marzieh Boroomand feature-length puppet show City of Mice 2 written by Farhad Tohidi and starring Nima Fallah as Malang. Plot summary: The mice are now 30 years older. After 30 years the fat gluttonous mouse named Kopol has gotten married to a flirtatious mouse named Naranji in the City of Mice. They have two children named Surati and Kopolak. Kopolak has a pleasing, funny personality which will be an interesting element in the story of the City of Mice. Kopol has a restaurant and a coffee shop. Naranji has had a lot of cosmetic surgery and does not like to do housework. They have a maid named Tajbanu who also has an interesting character. Kopol is known as the wealthiest mouse in the city and his family are the principal characters in the story. Kopol's friends such as Dr. Eynaki have all also gotten 30 years older and now have families.

Cast and crew: Marzieh Boroomand, Farhad Tohidi, Ehsan Nosrati, Nima Fallah, Arsha Aghdasi, Amir Badri, Arefe Abbasi, Ali Afsharie, Mina Alami, Mohammad Alami, Forouzan Bahrampour, Shima Bakhshandeh, Mehdi Borghei, Sam Chegini, Ali Etesamifar, Mohammad Loghmanian, Hossein Naemi Zaker, Azar Okhovat

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