Sunday, May 6, 2018

Fist and Guts 1979 Hong Kong poster

Fist and Guts (1979) - (Gordon Liu) Hong Kong poster

This is a 27" x 19.5" Hong Kong poster for the 1979 Chia Yung Liu film Fist and Guts AKA Yi dan er li san gong fu written by Arthur and Hoi-Ming Wong and starring Gordon Liu as the Shaolin monk. Plot summary: In this kung fu comedy, Ah-San the Shaolin monk [Gordon Liu] has to prevent the theft of a priceless jade buddha. To do this he must evade a network of booby traps and defeat some powerful opponents.

Cast and crew: Chia Yung Liu, Gordon Liu, Arthur Wong, Ho-Ming Wong, Chia-Hui Liu, Lieh Lo, Chia Yung Liu, Hoi Sang Lee, Ling Wei Chen, Siu Boh Chu, Pa-Ching Huang, Shao-Wen Huang, Chien Hung Lai, King Chu Lee, Ke Ming Lin, Chiang Lo, Hoi-Pang Lo, Mars, Chieh-Chiang Wu

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