Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Sinners الخاطئون Osama Khalqi Lebanese one-sheet

The Sinners (1975) - (Dir: Seif Eddine Shawkat) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Lebanese poster for the 1975 film The Sinners written and directed by Seif Eddine Shawkat and starring Osama Khalqi as Osama. Plot summary: While he was running away from some people he had robbed, Osama took a job in a hotel in a remote area operated by a stingy old man named Mansour [Abdel Latif Fathy] and his beautiful young dancer wife Salma [Hala Shawkat]. Osama started an illicit relationship with Salma and then tried to kill Mansour to get his money. Mansour's daughter Najla [Nelly] arrived on vacation from medical school. Osama saw her and it changed his life completely.

Cast and crew: Seif Eddine Shawkat, Hala Shawkat, Nelly, Abdel Latif Fathy, Osama Khalqi, Mohamed Toroqji, Youssef Shawiri, Shakib Ghanam, Mazhar Galilani, Adib Shehada, Salma Al-Masri, Tewfik al-Asha, Samir Salmoun, Anwar al-Morabet, Hassan Baghdadi, Illi Ghariba, Abbas al-Hawi, Adnan Shabas, Ahmed Farhoud, George Lutfi Al Khaouri

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