Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tin Tan: El Hombre Inquieto 1953 Joaquin Pardave Mexican one-sheet

Tin Tan: El Hombre Inquieto (1983) - (Joaquin Pardave) Mexican one-sheet

This is a 31" x 41" linen-backed Mexican one-sheet poster for the 1953 Rafael Baldeon film Tin Tan: El Hombre Inquieto starring Joaquin Pardave as Don Raful Sayeh. Plot summary: German [German Valdes] is a poor newspaper seller who is hired to impersonate the dead son of a wealthy Arab. He falls in love with the sister of the man he is supposed to be impersonating and marries her with her father's blessing.

Cast and crew: Rafael Baledon, Pedro de Aguillon, Tin Tan, Jaime Salvador, Fernando Galiana, Lupe Carriles, Marcelo Chavez, Joaqin Pardave, Sara Garcia, German Valdes, Joaquin Pardave, Tito Novaro, Arturo Soto Rangel, Joaquin Garcia Vargas, Los Panchos

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