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Al-Aqmar الاقمر (Nadia Lutfi) - (1978) Egyptian one-sheet

Al-Aqmar (1978) - (Nadia Lutfi) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mohammad Abdel Aziz and Moaty to promote the 1978 Hisham Abu El-Nasr 90-minute color Film Al-Aqmar starring Nadia Lutfi based on screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Abdel Salam, Hisham Abu El-Nasr and Fayez Ghaly with cinematography by Mohsen Nasr. Plot summary: The story revolves around the lives of Cairo's lower classes living in the al-Gamalia neighborhood near the Al-Aqmar mosque, which was the second mosque built in Egypt (1125 A.D.). As the film begins the people of the neighborhood have been told the mosque is to be destroyed and replaced by a school. They all object to this and there is something of a local uprising. Against this backdrop a few unrelated romances and killings are shown along with some popular religious rituals, then the happy ending comes when the people are told a decision has been made not to destroy the mosque after all.

Cast and crew: Soheir El-Barouni, Aziza Helmy, Nadia Zaghloul, Nour El-Sherif, Nadia Lutfi, Hisham Abu El-Nasr, Salah Mansour, Sa'eed Saleh, Mohi Ismail, Mohsen Nasr, Ahmed Abdel Salam, Fayez Ghaly, Ibrahim Abdel Razaq, Tareq Hashem, Naima Al Soghayar, Wala Farid, Mohammad Agami, Ahmed Hussein, Hoda Zaki, Ezzat Abdel Gawad, Said Madbouli

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