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Money and Women مال ونساء (Youssef Wahby) - (1961) Egyptian one-sheet

Money and Women (1961) - (Soad Hosny) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Ahmed Fouad to promote the 1961 Hassan Al Imam 134-minute black-and-white film Money and Women [mal wa nisa'] starring Soad Hosny with screenplay by Mohamed Osman, dialogue by Abdel Rahman Sherif and cinematography by Abdel Aziz Fahmy. The film was produced by the Nihas Studio. Plot summary: Shahata [Youssef Wahby] worked at a civil hospital known for its good ethics. He crusaded against embezzlement at work and therefore all the employees feared him and made sure anything suspicious they did was not evident to him, while at the same time he watched them closely. Shahata lived with his daughter Ne'mat [Soad Hosny] and his wife [Amina Rizk]. A low-ranking employee named Hussein [Salah Zulfikar] came to court Ne'mat but Shahata found himself in a bind because he was unable to properly outfit his daughter. He asked the company for an advance, but the office refused. A corrupt employee offered to lend him some money in exchange for a security deposit, but Shahata then discovered the employee had embezzled this money. The employees plotted against Shahata. One of them set the hospital treasury on fire on one of the nights of Ramadan. Shahata was burned to death when he rushed in to salvage the contents.

Cast and crew: Amina Rizk, Hassan Al Imam, Soad Hosny, Salah Zulfikar, Youssef Wahby, Abdel Aziz Fahmy, Mohamed Osman, Abdel Rahman Sherif, Fakher Fakher, Tewfik El Dekn, Nagwa Fouad, Neemat Moukhtar, Mohamed al-Dib, Salwa Mahmoud, Ragaa Hussein, Mohamed Sabin, Abdel Moneim Ismail, Hussein Ismail, Mohammad Shawqi, Awatef Youssra, Kamal al-Zeyni

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