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Love in Prison حب في الزنزانة (Adel Imam) - (1983) Egyptian film poster

Love in Prison (1983) - (Adel Imam) Egyptian film poster

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Morteda Anise to promote the 1983 Mohamed Fadel 124-minute color film Love in Prison [hob fil-zinzana] starring Adel Imam and Soad Hosny based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Ibrahim El-Mougy with cinematography by Mohsen Nasr. Plot summary: Abol Fotouh, [Abdel Moneim Madbouli] the secretary of the greedy merchant al-Sherbouni, [Gamil Rateb] persuaded Salah [Adel Imam] to go to prison in exchange for a promise of an apartment and a lathe workshop. In prison Salah met the imprisoned artist Farouq [Yehia El-Fakharani] and Ali Shamsoun, [Aly El Cherif] who was condemned to death but had been given a reprieve. With the help of hand signals, Salah fell in love with Faiza, [Soad Hosny] a prisoner in the adjacent women's prison. After Faiza was released she went to get the apartment but Al-Sherbouni hid it from her and did not keep his promise. Salah broke out of prison so he could take revenge against Al-Sherbouni. He married Faiza and remained in hiding until he could travel abroad with Farouq's fake passport. Seduced by money, Farouq had to declare the date of Al-Sharbouni's trip. The police went to the airport but Salah evaded them and fled. He went to Al-Sherbouni's home and killed him; then he was put back in prison.

Cast and crew: Adel Imam, Soad Hosny, Mohamed Fadel, Abdel Moneim Madbouly, Yehia El-Fakharany, Gamil Ratib, Aly El Cherif, Mohamed Kamel, Naima El Saghier, Magda Zaki, Ibrahim El-Mougy, Mohsen Nasr, Badr Nofal, Mohamed Shawky, Hamdy Youssef, Abou Lam'a, Sami Moghawari, Awatef Tekla, Ahmed Al-Badri, Mahmoud Massoud, Mohammad Farid, Said Tarabik, Osman Salim

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