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My Dark Darling (1958) - (Taheya Cariocca, Samia Gamal)

My Dark Darling (1958) - (Taheya Cariocca, Samia Gamal) Egyptian one-sheet poster

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian rerelease poster designed by an unknown artist to promote the 1958 104-minute Hassan El-Seify black-and-white film My Dark Darling [habibi al-asmar] starring Taheya Cariocca and Samia Gamal based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Mahmoud Ismail and with cinematography by Abdel Aziz Fahmy. Plot Summary: Samara [Samia Gamal] was a poor girl with an abundance of femininity and beauty engaged to a mechanic named Ahmed [Shukry Sarhan], but her love for dance drew her to her neighbor, a dancer named Zakia [Taheya Cariocca]. She secretly went with Zakia to the hall where she worked. She met a weathy man there named Rostom [Youssef Wahby] who liked her and wanted to court her but she rejected him; she later changed her mind and married him, deciding this was her only way out of poverty; he worked on her appearance by buying her luxurious clothing and jewelry. When Samara's fiance learned she had unexpectly disappeared to marry the rich man, he became furious and swore he would take revenge against her. Zakia tried to calm him by ushering him into a relationship with an international trader [Mahmoud El-Meliguy] who took him on as an associate in a shady trading operation. In this operation Ahmed changed his name to Ibrahim and ran into Rostom and Samara by chance in Lebanon. Samara's husband also turned out to involved in criminal activity and when she saw Ahmed again in Lebanon they were not getting along. She tried to rekindle her relationship with Ahmed without success; Ahmed had found a new life. Rostom's assistant Semsem [Stephan Rosti] tried to kill Ahmed after Rostom has realized the nature of their former relationship. Ahmed survived the murder attempt; then Zakia and Ahmed began to form a relationship, but Zakia was killed by Semsem in a domestic shootout in Rostom's sumptious home in Lebanon. When Samara and Rostom returned to Cairo Rostom was shot by the police. Ahmed and Samara were left alone together in Cairo at last to pick up the pieces in their old relationship.

Cast and crew: Hassan El-Seify, Samia Gamal, Taheya Cariocca, Youssef Wahby, Shukry Sarhan, Abdel Aziz Fahmy, Mahmoud Ismail, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Stephan Rosti, Shafik Noureddin, Souraya Fakhry, Mohammed Tawfik, Riri

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