Thursday, December 26, 2013

Music, Espionage and Love موسيقي و جاسوسية و حب (Shams El-Barudy) - (1971) Egyptian one-sheet

Music, Espionage and Love (1971) - (Shams El-Barudy) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mohammad Abdel Aziz to promote the 1971 Nour El-Demerdash 91-minute black-and-white film Music Espionage and Love [musiqi wa gasusia wa hob] starring Shams El-Barudy with story. screenplay and dialogue by Ihab Al-Azhari and cinematography by Mahmoud Nasr. Plot summary: This is a black-and-white musical with low production values using pharaonic dance themes with a bit of Latin American music thrown in. Against this backdrop a foreign spy, who is also one of the performers, has a change of heart about his espionage mission and exposes himself for the sake of Egypt, which he believes is betrayed by his mission. He is rewarded for this with the privilege of remaining with his family in his beloved Egypt.

Cast and crew: Nour El-Demerdash, Mahmoud Nasr, Shams El-Barudy, Adel Adham, Galal Issa, Abbas Fares, Ibrahim Khan, Ihab al-Azhari, Mahmoud Nasr

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