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Love Sweeter than Love حب احلى من الحب (Naglaa Fathy) - (1975) Egyptian one-sheet

Love Sweeter than Love (1975) - (Naglaa Fathy) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster by an unknown designer made to promote the 1975 Helmy Rafla film Love Sweeter than Love [hob ahla min al-hob] starring Naglaa Fathy and Mahmoud Yassine based on El Sayed Bedir's adaptation of the Robert Wise film The Sound of Music with screenplay and dialogue by Mohammad Mostafa Sami and cinematography by Essam Farid. Plot summary: The attorney Refaat [Mahmoud Yassine] had trouble finding a nanny for his five children after they had rejected the other nanny for various reasons. He was hoping the new nanny Laila [Naglaa Fathy] would be better than her predecessor. Laila turned out to be a big success and the children loved her, which brought harmony and order to the home. Refaat fell in love with Laila and asked her to marry him; she agreed and became his wife and a mother to his children. Naglaa Fathy is lovely and does a lot of nice singing and skipping in this film as Laila, but she's a far cry from Julie Andrews.

Cast and crew: Helmy Rafla, Nabila El Sayed, Leila Hamada, Sayed Zayan, Naglaa Fathy, Mahmoud Yassine, El Sayed Bedeir, Mohammad Mostafa Sami, Essam Farid, Nadia Al-Kilani, Nabila El Sayed, Farouq Naguib, Taghrid Ali, Laila Sabouni, Sayed Zayan, Sabrin, Aziza Amir

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